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MNX Sportswear brand was established end of 2013 in Slovenia to offer clothing and accessories for all true bodybuilders and those who love bodybuilding. Since the beggining it has been delivering quality and fashionable products that were tested before every release in several gyms to make sure they meet heavy bodybuilding standards. MNX Sportswear products look very good since our designers take care of every detail. Our work is to offer not only quality apparel, but also very fashionable for casual wear.

MNX Sportswear is proudly sponsoring several famous athletes such as William Bonac, Péter Molnár, Brandon Curry, Sami Al Haddad, Nicolas Vullioud and many others. We collaborate with several teams and supplement brands.

Our moto is “Striving for Excellence”; not just in bodybuilding, but also in every aspect of life.


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